Banking Act (LSRAB)

Notification of automated processing facilities

Published on December 11, 2014

Notification of automated processing facilities in compliance with Article 315-67 of the AMF General Regulation

Entities obliged to declare APFs should complete the following form and send it (by clicking on the “send the notification form” button) to the following address : Individuals should contact the AMF via the same email address for notification purpose. This email can be used for any question about the APF notification.

For any notification update, the notifier will have to fulfill the form with all the information to declare.


An entity which is subject to notification declared the data below.

Former notification:

Now this entity needs to update its declaration because it recently extended its APF use on Euronext Paris listed bonds (MIC code: XPAR). So it has to resend a new notification form with this updated information plus the formerly declared data that are still valid.

New notification:



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