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Ombudsman's annual report

Ombudsman's annual report

Published on June 26, 2015

The Ombudsman presents an annual report to the Board of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, in which his activities are reviewed. This report is published and presented during a press conference.

The 2014 Report was published on the 16 April 2015. It describes the activities of the ombudsman’s office and presents the key figures and highlights for the past year.

As in the last four years, the Mediation Service of the AMF has seen a substantial increase in the number of files. For the first time, applications received have exceeded the threshold of 1000: 1001 applications were filed, up 10% on the previous year. The number of files processed and closed also rose by 10% to 969.

2014 ombudsman's ReportBeyond the reasons why recurrent claims are brought before the ombudsman – poor execution or non-execution of a stock exchange order, transfer of PEA (Equity savings plans), for example – two themes should highlighted in 2014

The number of employee savings files doubled between 2012 and 2013. This tendency is amplified in 2014 with 117 applications on the subject, against 42 for the preceding year, and is explained principally by the now obligatory information of the ombudsman in letters to account holders. The main complaints made concerned information on the costs of holding the account, delays due to accounting for assets at the time of an early release and the validation over the Internet procedures which can generate input errors.

Mediations linked to proposals of speculative trading on the Internet (on Forex or on binary options) made to individuals have shown strong growth. They represent 141 files, showing a 60% increase in relation to 2013. the situation remains seriously worrying and both the Mediation and the AMF are committed to combatting the dangers of these practices for individuals
Finally, a considerable innovation in 2014: the launch of the Online Diary.
Committed, with the support of her team, to promoting the method and benefits of mediation, Marielle Cohen-Branche pursued her actions in 2014, notably by creating her Online Diary, which has been genuinely successful. Each month, this column, accessible on the AMF's website, decodes a real mediation case and states the lesson to be learnt from it. The initiative is on-going and will be extended in 2015

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