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Visuel Médiation

The AMF Ombudsman

If you are having a problem with your financial intermediary or a company that issues securities you have invested in, the AMF Ombudsman and her mediation team are on hand to help you settle the problem amicably and in reasonable time. Mediation is a public service provided free of charge in accordance with law.

As the AMF Ombudsman, Marielle Cohen-Branche relies on a team of legal experts led by François Denis du Péage, head of the mediation unit at the AMF’s Retail Investor Relations Directorate.

Ombudsman's annual report 2018
Who is the AMF Ombudsman ?

The AMF Ombudsman is Marielle Cohen-Branche. She was a judge on special assignment to the Court of Cassation with responsibility for banking and financial law since March 2003, Ms Cohen-Branche was also a member of the AMF Enforcement Committee until 2011. Her term of office in both posts ended in January 2011. Marielle Cohen-Branche previously…

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