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25 January 2020

Ombudsman’s recommendation

After examining your case, the Ombudsman issues an opinion in accordance with law and equity.

As far as you are concerned, the recommendation may be:

  • favourable
  • partially favourable
  • unfavourable.

The Ombudsman sends this opinion to both parties.

In the event of an unfavourable recommendation, the Ombudsman’s task is complete and the case is closed.

If the Ombudsman issues a favourable or partially favourable recommendation, the parties decide whether or not to follow it.

If the parties decide to follow the recommendation, they may formalise their agreement in a written memorandum of understanding. The Ombudsman can help them draft the MoU and will ensure as far as necessary that it is properly executed. 

Either party may apply to the court at any time. In this case, neither the correspondence that took place during the mediation procedure nor the Ombudsman’s recommendation may be submitted or referred to in court without both parties’ consent.