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21 November 2019

Committing to sustainable finance

Energy transition and the emergence of sustainable finance are key issues for financial markets, financial stability and investor protection. The AMF applies sustainable finance to all its missions and activities, as a key priority of  its #Supervision2022 strategic plan.

AMF sustainable finance commitment

The AMF has been integrating the concept of sustainable finance into its activities for several years now: its reports on socially responsible investment (SRI) and social and environmental responsibility (SER), as well as its regular interactions with stakeholders, reflect its commitment to a more sustainable economic model.

To go even further, it has made sustainable finance one of the priorities of its #Supervision2022 strategic plan. The PACTE law passed in spring 2019 recognised this responsibility by charging the AMF with the task of ensuring the quality of information provided by investment management companies on their investment strategy and the way they manage risks related to the effects of climate change.

The AMF acts on several fronts:

  • Support for stakeholders and innovation
  • Supervision and intelligence
  • Participation in European projects and collaboration with other regulators
  • Investor education
  • Own expertise development

Staff mobilisation

To implement its road map, in November 2018, the AMF created a Strategy and Sustainable Finance Unit. This unit coordinates the AMF’s action on sustainable finance and coordinates a multidisciplinary task force made up of some twenty employees drawn from the various AMF Directorates.

The AMF’s Climate and Sustainable Finance Commission

In July 2019, the AMF created a Climate and Sustainable Finance Commission that brings together various stakeholders on the question of sustainable finance. These comprise financial market experts, representatives of companies, civil society and academia. 

Chaired by Thierry Philipponnat, the commission aim is to help the AMF carry out its regulatory and supervisory tasks in this area. It is a forum for dialogue to promote the effective mobilisation of the financial sector in the face of climate risk. It works in collaboration with the Climate and Sustainable Finance Commission of the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR). 

AMF’s participation in European and international projects

The AMF is a member of the ESMA Coordination Network on Sustainability (CNS) and a member of the IOSCO Sustainable Finance Network’s  Sustainable Finance steering group . 

Partner of the Finance ClimatAct initiative

The AMF is a member of the Finance ClimAct initiative, a project backed by the European Union, which mobilises several public and private players of the Paris financial centre for an action plan to promote sustainable finance. The project is coordinated by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) and will enable the AMF to boost its resources and expertise allocated to climate and sustainable finance, driven by an initiative from the French market place.