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21 November 2019

Mediation Service

The AMF proposes a mediation service to support investors involved in disputes with their financial intermediaries or listed companies in which they hold shares.

The AMF Ombudsman

The AMF Ombudsman is Marielle Cohen-Branche. Since 2011 the Ombudsman reports directly to the AMF Chairman and is appointed for a three-year renewable term. She receives no instructions on how to handle cases. The Ombudsman publishes an annual report reviewing the cases dealt with during the previous year. As Ombudsman, she relies on a team of legal experts led by François Denis du Péage, head of the mediation unit at the AMF’s Retail Investor Relations Directorate.


A mediation facility

The AMF Ombudsman may be approached by any person seeking an out-of-court settlement in a dispute with its financial intermediary or with a listed company.

The mediation procedure is free of charge, confidential, impartial, quick and voluntary, and may be used to attempt to resolve disputes within the AMF’s jurisdiction. These include:

  • Distribution conditions of financial products;
  • Market operation;
  • Content of information given to investors;
  • Order execution (timeliness and content);
  • Problems with portfolio management or custody account keeping.

The mediation procedure is covered by a charter.