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25 September 2019

Our missions

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) regulates the French financial market place, its participants and the investment products distributed via the markets. It also ensures that investors are properly informed and and is a driving force behind regulatory change at both European and international levels. As an independent public authority, it has regulatory powers and a substantial level of financial and managerial independence.

The AMF’s tasks: regulate, supervise, inform and protect

The AMF’s remit is to ensure that

  • Savings are protected when invested in financial instruments that give rise to a public offer or admission to trading in financial instruments and in all other investments offered to the public
  • Investors are properly informed
  • Markets where financial instruments are traded, function efficiently

We take financial stability objectives into account when performing our tasks. The AMF is also responsible for ensuring the quality of the information provided by management companies on their strategy for combating climate change.

To carry out our tasks, we are required to regulate, authorise, monitor and where necessary, inspect, investigate and enforce. We contribute to financial and international regulation. We also ensure that investors are properly informed, and when necessary, we provide them with assistance Via our financial ombudsman.


Our areas of action

The AMF intervene to regulate:

  • financial markets and market infrastructures
  • listed companies
  • financial intermediaries authorised to provide investment services and financial investment advice (credit institutions authorised to provide investment services, investment firms, investment management companies, financial investment advisers)
  • collective investment products invested in financial instruments
  • token issuers (ICO) and digital asset service providers (DASP)

Our values: independence, openness and commitment

Our values

Independence: acting in the broader public interest

The AMF was set up in 2003 and is an independent public authority. We are legally, functionally and financially independent.

Independence is fundamental to the performance of our tasks. It is expressed daily, in our analyses, positions and decisions, always with a view to acting in the broader public interest.

Openness: in tune with our environment and Europe

Openness is an essential quality for performing our regulatory tasks today. We are in tune with our environment, and are committed to contributing to changes in society and playing an active role in the construction of Europe to shape tomorrow’s finance.

Commitment: dedicated and competent teams

It is our staff, their professionalism, their fields of competence and their unflagging commitment that make the AMF what it is.