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Scientific Advisory Board

The AMF set up a Scientific Advisory Board composed of prominent figures from the academic and financial worlds to expand its research and strategic intelligence capabilities. The board presents its work at an annual conference attended by members of the academic and market communities.

The Scientific Advisory Board has a three-fold remit

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board hold positions in leading universities, business schools and public and private research centres. It has a triple remit:

  1. implement the market authority’s monitoring of academic reflections of interest, particularly with regard to issues of investor protection, financial stability, externalities and optimality of market organization, market integrity,
  2. feed the debate between academics, practitioners and financial regulators on these themes,
  3. promote research useful to the exercise of the missions of the markets’ authority.

A Board made up of prominent figures

The Scientific Advisory Board is chaired by Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani, chairman of the AMF, and Delphine Lautier, member of the AMF Board, finance professor at PSL Université Paris-Dauphine.

The members of the AMF Scientific Advisory Board, who are appointed by the AMF Board, are:

Luc Arrondel, National Center for Scientific Research and Paris School of Economics
Patrick Artus, Natixis
Laurent Barras, University of Luxembourg
Raphaëlle Bellando, University of Orléans
Christian de Boissieu, Paris Panthéon Sorbonne University
Marie-Hélène Broihanne, University of Strasbourg
Gunther Capelle-Blancard, Paris Panthéon Sorbonne University
Catherine Casamatta, Toulouse School of Economics
Stéphane Crépey, University of Evry
Serge Darolles, Paris Dauphine University
Ivar Ekeland, Paris Dauphine University
Thierry Foucault, HEC
Carole Gresse, Paris Dauphine University
Tamara Nefedova, ESCP Business School
Sébastien Pouget, Toulouse School of Economics
Thierry Roncalli, University of Evry
Boris Vallée, Harvard Business School
Guillaume Vuillemey, HEC

A regular date on a topical issue

Colloque conseil scientifique 2022
2022 Scientific Advisory Board conference

To help disseminate the Scientific Advisory Board's research, the AMF organises a periodic conference that brings together the financial and academic communities to examine a specific topic. Past conferences have covered the following themes:

● Non-financial reportings in Europe : new standards, new practices, new challenges? (2022).

● ICOs, crypto-assets: What future? What regulatory framework? (2018).

● Financial education in the digital era: what challenges for savings? (2016).

● Financial market infrastructure resilience (2014).

AMF Young Researcher Award

Since 2015, the AMF has granted an award to a young researcher working on economic and financial topics of concern to the regulator. Topics include the organisation and operation of financial markets, investor information, and protecting savings invested in financial products. The recipient, who will be awarded €5,000, will be selected by the AMF Board with input from the Scientific Advisory Board after candidates have been selected by the Scientific Advisory Board and AMF's departments.