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A unique working environment

Joining the AMF means choosing to be part of a meaningful adventure, at the heart of a changing economic and financial world and its ongoing developments.


We offer you a high-quality and caring work environment that will provide many opportunities to develop both professionally and personally.


To accomplish our objective, we rely on the skills and experience of more than 500 staff members. 

Our values are independence, open-mindedness and commitment.


Join us for a human and professional experience of excellence.

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“The job of inspector requires, above all, the ability to write analytical reports and summaries as well as excellent writing skills.”

Sophia Bennani

“The AMF has already given me the opportunity to develop my career in-house. I’ve been able to change jobs, because there is a lot of mobility within the organisation.”

Antoine Dufour

“The AMF offers access to a wide variety of duties that is difficult to find in other organisations.”

Stéphane Fékir

“The AMF’s strength lies in the fact that it enables employees to acquire skills that are highly sought after by the financial community.”

Juliette Bertiaux

“Thanks to the support provided by the AMF throughout my training, I have been able to develop my skills and study a new and exciting subject, cybercrime, in a highly stimulating environment.”

Alexandre Neyret