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Who we are

Blockchain, crypto-assets, trading robots, remote working and in camera general meetings due to the health crisis: behind these words lies real-world disruption that impacts our economy. In this ever-changing world, a vigilant regulator is needed on the ground.

Our activities contribute to making the economy more robust and responsible. Whatever our respective duties, we are proud of our role ensuring that the rules are respected, helping French people to distinguish between risks and opportunities, and contributing to the revival of the economy through innovation.

We are proud to be taking action for the real world.

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The AMF is an independent public authority responsible for ensuring that savings invested in financial products are protected, investors receive material information and financial markets run smoothly. The AMF’s remit is to regulate, supervise, inform and protect.

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Why you should join us

By joining the AMF, you will be taking part in the transformation of the financial industry. Every day, your work will help make finance more responsible and more responsive to technological and societal innovations.

Because your work has an impact on the real world and is guided by general interest, the experience is unique! You will be working as part of a group of demanding and caring experts who will help you strike a balance between an exciting job and respect for your personal life. Be part of the transformation of the financial industry, be proud of the impact of your work, take action for the real world!

Why you should join us

Pride: the AMF is a unique employer whose work is helping to transform the financial industry. Responsibility: we are a group of outstanding professionals who work for the benefit of all. Sharing: every day, we work in a caring and learning organisation. Impact: we are living through exciting times that will have a positive impact on the economy and on our careers.
Why you should join us