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31 May 2021

Your career

Joining the AMF will give you a unique experience that will benefit your career.

The recruitment process

During your recruitment journey, you will meet the various AMF staff members who will guide you along the way. There are three main stages, which will vary depending on the position you are applying for.

The recruitment process

The recruitment process : 3 main stages. Interview with the Human Ressources team, interview with Operational Managers, interview with the Director
The recruitment process

Monitoring of your career

Throughout your career with us, the AMF invests in your professional development, and more generally, contributes to your professional future.

On-site HR support

As soon as you join and throughout your career, you will meet regularly with your HR Manager.

You will also have access to a comprehensive induction programme to help you make the best start in your new job, together with a tailored training programme and special meetings with the AMF Chairman and Secretary General.

Developing your skills

At the AMF, we invest in your training throughout your career with us. We do this to facilitate your integration when you take up your position, and then every year to develop your skills, whether they are relevant to the AMF or to your career plans.

We are also committed to training you in the new challenges facing the financial community.

Each year, we assist almost 40 employees with training courses leading to a certificate or diploma.

Opportunities for internal mobility

Internal mobility is one of the key elements of the AMF’s HR policy. The institution strives to support your desire to move to a different position in line with your potential, your aspirations and the institution’s needs. Internal mobility is an excellent way of promoting cross-functionality among our various business lines.

Each year, almost 40 employees take advantage of internal mobility.