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Article 231-11 into force since

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ELI : /en/eli/fr/aai/amf/rg/article/231-11/20120712/notes

If, under competition rules, notice of the draft offer must be given to the European Commission, the Autorité de la concurrence or the competent authority in this regard in another State party to the EEA Agreement or the United States of America, the offeror may stipulate the condition precedent of obtaining the decision provided for in Article 6-1 a) or b) of EC Regulation 139/2004, the authorisation provided for in Article L. 430-5 of the Commercial Code, or any authorisation of the same nature issued by the foreign State.

An offeror that seeks to assert such provisions shall provide the AMF with a copy of the notices to the authorities concerned or any document attesting to the steps taken to inform those authorities and shall keep the AMF informed of the progress of the procedure.

The offer shall lapse if the proposed transaction becomes subject to the procedure of Article 6-1 (c) of EC Regulation 139/2004, or the procedure of Article L. 430-5 (III), point 3, of the Commercial Code, or becomes subject to a similar procedure before the competent authority of a foreign State. The offeror shall disclose whether it is seeking to pursue the intended transaction with the authorities to which the case has been referred.

The provisions of the previous paragraphs also apply to a draft offer of which, under competition rules, notice must be given to a foreign competent authority other than those previously mentioned, if the procedure followed for the purposes of obtaining said authorisation is subject to a time frame compatible with a period of ten weeks beginning from the opening of the offer, unless the AMF agrees to extend the offer timetable. The AMF then rules in light of the principles defined in Article 231-3, after having obtained the opinion of the competent body of the target company.