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Article 237-13 into force from to

  • Version into force from to
ELI : /en/eli/fr/aai/amf/rg/article/237-13/20060929/notes

The sole beneficiaries of the facility whereby the offeror covers brokerage commissions up to an amount set by it, including, where applicable, stamp duty, shall be those sellers whose securities were registered on their account prior to the opening of:

  1. a simplified tender offer in which the offeror has explicitly declared its intention, if it obtains 95% of the voting rights of the target company, to request initiation of a public buyout offer followed by a squeeze-out; or

  2. a public buyout offer followed by a squeeze-out.

To this end, and in connection with the simplified tender offer referred to in Point 1°, the market operator concerned puts in place a procedure for centralising orders placed in response to such offer.

Requests for refunds must be accompanied by documentary evidence of the sellers' rights.