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Article 237-8 into force from to

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ELI : /en/eli/fr/aai/amf/rg/article/237-8/20060929/notes

If, when filing the public buyout offer, the offeror reserved the right to proceed with a squeeze-out after the offer, it informs the AMF within ten trading days of the close of the offer whether it intends so to proceed or waives that right. The offeror's decision is made public by the AMF.

If the offeror decides to proceed with a squeeze-out, it informs the AMF of the price it proposes to pay as compensation. This price cannot be lower than that of the buyout offer, and it shall be higher when events liable to alter the value of the securities concerned have occurred after the offer was declared compliant.

The AMF shall make the mandatory buyout public and specify the terms for implementing it, including the date on which it becomes effective. The time between the decision and the execution of the buyout cannot be less than the time referred to in Article R. 621-44 of the Monetary and Financial Code. This decision shall result in the delisting of the relevant securities from the regulated market where they had been traded.

Custody account-keeping institutions transfer any securities not tendered to the buyout offer into the name of the majority shareholder or group, which pays the corresponding compensation into a reserved account opened for this purpose in accordance with the provisions of Article 237-9.