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Article 321-73 into force since

  • Version into force since
ELI : /en/eli/fr/aai/amf/rg/article/321-73/20180103/notes

The purpose of recording telephone conversations shall be to facilitate monitoring to ensure that transactions are lawful and that they comply with clients' instructions

The compliance and internal control officer may listen to the recordings of telephone conversations made pursuant to Article 321-72. If the compliance and internal control officer does not himself listen to the recording, it may not be listened to without his agreement or the agreement of a person designated by him.

The persons referred to in Article 321-72, whose telephone conversations may be recorded, shall be notified of the conditions under which they are able to listen to the relevant recordings.

The retention period for telephone recordings required under this Regulation shall be at least six months. It must not be more than five years.