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Article 322-67 into force from to

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ELI : /en/eli/fr/aai/amf/rg/article/322-67/20130419/notes

For all accounting input into its books in the name of a new holder of pure registered financial securities, the issuer entity shall:

  1. Verify the identity of the said holder;

  2. Ensure that it has the legal capacity and the status required to open the account;

  3. Verify, where a legal entity holder of pure registered financial securities is concerned, that the representative of this legal entity has the capacity to act, either by virtue of his/her capacity as legal representative, or under the terms of a delegation or mandate in his/her favour; for this purpose, the issuer entity shall request the production of any documents enabling it to verify the authorisation or appointment of the representative;

  4. Establish an account-opening agreement with the holder of the pure registered financial securities. The establishment of the agreement may take place subsequently to the first accounting entries, within a reasonable deadline.