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Article 325-26 into force since

  • Version into force since
ELI : /en/eli/fr/aai/amf/rg/article/325-26/20210423/notes

Financial investment advisors may entrust to an external organisation which can provide evidence of its ability to organise examinations, the verification of their professional knowledge or that of the physical persons under their authority or acting on their behalf and who carry out one of the functions referred to in Article 325-24 (I) ;

I. - The Financial Skills Certification Board mentioned in Article 312-5 shall also issue opinions at the request of the AMF on the certification of organisations that can prove they have the capacity to organise examinations.

The Financial Skills Certification Board issues opinions at the request of the AMF on the need to introduce optional or mandatory modules in addition to the content of minimum knowledge, and on the functions subject to these modules.

II. - Further to an opinion of the Financial Skills Certification Board, the AMF:

  1. Determines the content of the minimum knowledge of the natural persons described in Article 325-24 (I), and publishes a description of this knowledge; It shall publish that content;

  2. defines the content of the modules completing the minimum knowledge mentioned in 1°. It publishes the content of these modules;

  3. Ensures the content of this minimum knowledge and complementary modules is updated;

  4. Determines and verifies the arrangements for the examinations and complementary modules that validate acquisition of knowledge;

  5. Certifies examinations for a two-year period within four months of the filing of applications. This deadline shall be extended as necessary until requests for further information are met.

    The organisation shall provide the AMF with a report on the anniversary of the date when it was certified, and then every three years;

  6. The AMF shall charge an application fee when applications for certification and reports are filed.