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Article 411-22 into force from to

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ELI : /en/eli/fr/aai/amf/rg/article/411-22/20111021/notes

Ancien numéro de l'article : 411-11

The prospectus cited in Article 411-113 may provide for different unit or share classes within the same CIS or within the same sub-fund. These classes may:

  1. Be subject to different rules for distributing income;

  2. Be denominated in different currencies;

  3. Be subject to different management charges;

  4. Be charged different subscription and redemption fees;

  5. Have different par values;

  6. Come with automatic partial or full risk hedging, as defined in the prospectus. This hedging is achieved using financial instruments that reduce the impact of hedging transactions on the other unit classes in the CIS to a minimum;

  7. Be reserved for one or more marketing networks.

Subscriptions of a given unit or share class may be reserved for a category of investors defined in the prospectus using objective criteria, such as a subscription amount, a minimum holding period or any other commitment given by the holder.