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Article 422-226 into force from to

  • Version into force from to
ELI : /en/eli/fr/aai/amf/rg/article/422-226/20131221/notes

I. - Shareholder information shall be provided, pursuant to the terms of an AMF instruction, in the form of written media:

  1. Prior to subscription: the offer document approved by AMF, the subscription form, the articles of association, the most recent annual report and the most recent quarterly bulletin shall be given to future shareholders;

  2. The annual report, quarterly bulletins and circulars.

II. - The management company shall send AMF all documents intended for shareholders, without delay. It shall send AMF, as defined by the latter, the following:

  1. Within one month of the end of each quarter, the statistical information for that period;

  2. Prior to 15 March of each year, the market value and replacement value for the real estate investment company, which must be subject to ratification by the shareholders;

  3. Any changes during the course of the year to these values following their ratification by the supervisory board, accompanied by an explanation.