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Article 570-2 into force from to

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ELI : /en/eli/fr/aai/amf/rg/article/570-2/20141006/notes

For a trade involving financial instruments mentioned to in II of Article L. 211 of the Financial and Monetary Code, on a market mentioned in Title or Title II of Book V, the transfer of ownership mentioned in Article L. 211-17 of the Financial and Monetary Code shall result from the entry of the transaction in the account of the buyer. This account entry takes place on the effective trade settlement date specified in the operating rules of the settlement system, when the account of the buyer's custody account-keeper, or the account of the agent of this custody account-keeper, is credited on the books of the central depositary.

Barring the exceptions provided for in Articles 570-3 to 570-8 and 322-55, the date on which the trade is effectively settled and, simultaneously, the account entry is made at the central depositary, shall be no later than three trading days after the order execution date.

The same date shall apply when the financial instruments of the buyer and the seller are recorded on the books of the same custody account-keeper.