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Legal and editorial

Editorial information

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The AMF website has been designed and created to be accessible, in accordance with Article 47 of Act 2005-102 of February 2005 on the equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of people with disabilities.

For this reason, the AMF website complies with the recommendations of the Government Accessibility Framework (RGAA) and all the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

However, some types of content that existed before the website upgrade may raise accessibility issues. This applies, for example, to documents in portable document format (pdf) posted on various sections of the site. Similarly, the simulation tools in the Épargne Info Service section use JavaScript exclusively and offer no alternative.

If you have problems accessing a page or service, feel free to contact us, specifying your user situation (browser, technical assistance, etc.) using the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

Linking to

The AMF allows hyperlinks to be created to its website content on the following conditions:

  • links to pages on must not be embedded in the pages of another site but should be accessible by opening a window or tab;
  • explicit acknowledgement must be given when linking to a page on the AMF website. The link should be preceded by a notice giving the name and address of the AMF website.

However, the AMF reserves the right to request the removal of a link that it deems inconsistent with its editorial policy.

The AMF is not liable for the existence of a link to its website from an outside website.

Content and AMF liability

The AMF does its best to provide accurate, current information on its website. However, it may not be held liable for errors or omissions involving the site’s content. As regards the legislative documentation provided on the website, only the version published in French in the Journal officiel (Official Journal of the French Republic) is authoritative. Other editorial texts have no official value and are merely intended to describe the AMF’s activities and facilitate access to site content.

Content posted on the website may be modified, updated or removed without notice. The AMF may not be held liable for the potential consequences of these changes. It may not be held liable for difficulties in accessing the website or for service interruptions.

The site offers numerous links to the websites of other, mainly official, bodies, such as government, institutions and public entities. The links on the website are provided purely for information purposes. The AMF may not be held liable for the content of these sites.


Subject to compliance with intellectual property regulations, information on the website may be used only for personal, educational, non-profit or professional purposes. Use for commercial or advertising purposes is not allowed. For any other type of use, please check with us by sending a request to our webmaster.

Reproduction on electronic media

With the exception of the logo* and visuals, some or all of the website’s content may be reproduced on electronic media provided that:

  • a clear and understandable reference is inserted acknowledging the source of the data provided, indicating when the data were last updated and including the following notice: "©Autorité des marchés financiers – droits réservés"
  • data integrity is preserved, meaning that the nature and scope of reproduced documents and decisions should not be altered, particularly in a way that might mislead readers.

Reproduction on hardcopy media

With the exception of the logo* and visuals, some or all of the website’s content may be reproduced on hardcopy media provided that:

  • the integrity of the documents being reproduced is preserved (no modification or alteration)
  • is explicitly acknowledged as the source 
  • the following notice is included: "©Autorité des marchés financiers – droits réservés". Reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited.

* Except in the official box in the case of AMF-approved documents.

Use of cookies

Various cookies on the site are used to measure the audience and integrate services to improve the interactive nature of the site.

Audience measurement cookies

These cookies allow us to measure the site's audience (number of visits, number of pages viewed, activity of visitors on the site and frequency of their return visits).

These cookies benefit from an exemption from the collection of consent, as permitted by CNIL Deliberation no. 2020-91 of 17 September 2020 (Articles 5, 49, 50 and 51).

Third-party cookies

These cookies are intended to improve the interactive nature of the site and are provided by third party service providers. For more information, see the "List of services that place cookies" section.

These cookies are placed only after obtaining the consent of the Internet user.

When you first visit our websites, a banner describing our use of cookies will appear.

  • By clicking "Accept All" you agree to our use of cookies.
  • By clicking "Reject All", you refuse the use of cookies subject to consent, only functional cookies and cookies exempt from consent will be placed on your browser.
  • By clicking "Personalise", you are free to accept or refuse all or part of the cookies subject to consent.

In addition, cookie management (link entitled "Use of cookies", available in the footer of all pages of the site) allows you, at any time, to select the cookies you accept on our site or those you deactivate. You can specify your preferences either globally for the site or on a per-use basis.

List of services that place cookies:

Name of ServiceDescriptionPurposeDurationFind out more about the use of data
AT InternetMonitoring of the audience and the number of visitors to the site, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the site and its administrationAudience measurement13 monthsLink to privacy policy
Facebook PixelServe ads to the right audience by finding new customers or targeting people who have visited a specific page or performed a desired action on the website.
Monitoring of advertising results.
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SondageServiceRecording of visitor choices in opinion and satisfaction surveys on content. Not placed until the user has validated the cookies and only placed after the user has responded to the survey.Technical13 monthsInternal cookie*
TarteaucitronStorage of cookie consent choices.Technical12 monthsLink to privacy policy
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* "This cookie is only placed if a user responds to short surveys (e.g.  Did you find this article useful? YES/NO). The data retrieved by the cookie provides a statistical analysis of the choice made in a short survey and is used only to give the percentage of positive and negative opinions on an article".

Personal data, mailing lists

The information collected in the subscription form is recorded in a file computerised by the AMF for the management of subscriptions.
The information is kept throughout the subscription period and is intended for the Communication Department. The information may be transmitted to other AMF departments.
You may exercise your right to access, rectify, delete, oppose or limit the processing of your personal data by contacting the AMF.

  • By post: AMF - Data Protection Officer - 17 place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris;
  • By form : Your personal data

You may also register a complaint concerning the processing of your personal data with the CNIL.