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The AMF, AFG, Treasury and directorate general of labour launch employee savings week, a financial markets initiative aimed at employees and companies
23 March 2017

The AMF, AFG, Treasury and directorate general of labour launch employee savings week, a financial markets initiative aimed at employees and companies

Today there are 8.7 million employees(1) enrolled in employee savings schemes, with 10.2 million accounts representing a total of €122.5 billion(2) under management . While 300,000 companies in France offer employee savings schemes through programmes to invest bonuses and profit-sharing in PEE company savings plans and PERCO collective retirement savings plans, far too few employees know about the schemes and take advantage of them. Based on these facts, around 30 market participants are rallying together in a joint communications drive from 27 to 31 March 2017. A website has been created and numerous events will be held, targeting both employees and companies.

An educational approach, combined with a common goal: to raise awareness about employee savings schemes.

While 2.5% of all financial savings in France is held via the two types of employee savings schemes (PEE company savings plans and PERCO collective retirement savings plans), in many cases the employees who benefit from them do not fully understand them. For example, only 38% of employees enrolled in the plans are able to say they have detailed knowledge of their plan (3). In addition, even though an employee savings scheme in France is an inherently long-term savings tool, employees often treat them in ways that make little sense for a long-term investment.
Furthermore, many companies do not yet offer any form of employee savings scheme: only 17% of companies with fewer than 50 employees have a bonus or profit-sharing agreement or an employee savings plan.

Conscious of a real need for better information amongst both employee investors and companies actors that form the French employee savings market have decided to step in and meet the need by:
  • Helping employees understand the advantages of these schemes with an educational and practical approach;
  • Actively involving employees in the process by giving them the keys to learn about, better understand and manage their savings;
  • Encouraging companies to improve communication with their employees;
  • For employers that do not yet offer employee savings schemes, convincing them to do so.

Led by the AMF, AFG, Directorate General of Labour and Treasury, in a truly market-wide initiative

With the strong conviction that employee savings schemes are crucial to developing medium- and long-term investments in France,a number of stakeholders have rallied in support of the project. They are firmly committed to make Employee Savings Week an annual event.
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[2] Source : AFG statistiques au 31.12.2016

[3] Source : TNS Sofres study for the Autorité des marchés financiers - january 2016