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The AMF denounces the use of its name in a news release by S.A., which operates the platform
04 June 2014

The AMF denounces the use of its name in a news release by S.A., which operates the platform

The AMF wishes to draw your attention to the use of its name and publications in a news release by an online platform offering investment diamonds for sale.

Through the press, the AMF has learned of a news release issued by the platform and retransmitted by several online sites. The AMF denounces the use of its name and will carefully examine the rules governing proposed investments relating to the platform and, as appropriate, ensure that news releases for solicitation purposes by this company comply with applicable regulations.

The AMF recommends investors remain wary and apply the following rules before making any investments. These rules apply to all financial products and all the more so to any financial product that is not part of the regulated financial environment:

  • No advertising message should lead one to forget that there are no high returns without high risk. Any product suggesting a rate of return higher than the money market rate (investors may also refer to the interest rate on a savings account such as the "Livret A" in France) necessarily carries significant risk.
  • Information provided by the intermediary should be clear and understandable.
  • There should be a minimum core of information about companies and intermediaries offering the product (company name, home country, civil liability, organisational rules, etc.).
  • Rules and mechanisms regarding purchase and sale price of the product should be known in detail: how and by whom will the value of the product be determined? What rules govern its resale?

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