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The AMF draws the public's attention to the risks associated with the investment offer of ISEA GLOBALISATION LTD

The AMF draws the public's attention to the risks associated with the investment offer of ISEA GLOBALISATION LTD

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) draws the public’s attention to investments presented under the name ISEA GLOBALISATION LTD, due to the lack of clear and precise information about the nature of the investments and their related risks.

In performing its oversight missions, the AMF has noted that some retail investors have subscribed to the investment offer of ISEA GLOBALISATION LTD through an intermediary with financial investment advisor status. This offer consists in acquiring a share (or unit) in a company incorporated under Samoan law, combined with a Swiss peer-to-peer loan to the same company.

According to the documentation provided by ISEA GLOBALISATION LTD, which has its registered office at Vistra Corporate Services Centre, Ground Floor NPF Building, Beach Road, Apia, Samoa, "the company's objective is to diversify its real estate investments globally, through subsidiaries, rental buildings, apartments and rented houses, commercial surfaces, offices, hotels, vineyards and forests, and to contribute to long-term value creation".

The AMF draws the attention of investors to the fact that the information contained in the presentation documents, which serve as a basis for marketing the offer, does not enable a precise understanding and assessment of key information such as the nature and characteristics of the instruments subscribed to, the nature of the investments likely to be made by ISEA GLOBALISATION LTD, the financial situation of this company, or the risks associated with the offer.

As a rule, the AMF reminds investors and individuals to follow due diligence rules before making any investment:

  • no marketing argument should make you overlook the fact that high returns always involve high risk; 
  • find out as much as you can about the company or intermediary trying to sell you a product (authorisation/certification, company history, location of head offices, organisation rules, etc.);
  • the information sent to you by your intermediary must be clear and comprehensible, and you should invest only in what you understand;
  • ask yourself how, and by whom, the valuation is made (purchase price or selling price). Find out the precise terms and timeline for reselling the products, especially in cases where product invests in an asset class with low liquidity.

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