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21 October 2022

The AMF issues a request for candidates for its consultative commissions

The AMF is renewing its five consultative commissions and is looking for new profiles and expertise to help inform the Board's decisions on changes to regulations and practices of professionals, listed companies or retail investors. Applications may be submitted until 14 November 2022.

In keeping with its commitment to dialogue and consultation with members of the Paris financial community, the AMF Board set up five consultative commissions after its inception. Each commission comprises about 20 experts appointed for a three-year renewable term, and focuses on a specific area of AMF action:

  • the purpose of the Retail Investors Consultative Commission is to specifically represent the views of retail investors and inform Board decisions that are likely to have an impact on the protection of their interests;
  • the purpose of the Disclosures and Corporate Finance Consultative Commission is to assist the AMF in its regulatory and supervisory responsibilities on issues relating to listed companies;
  • the Markets and Exchanges Consultative Commission is tasked with informing the AMF in its regulatory and supervisory duties on issues pertaining to the operation of the secondary market and other related matters;
  • the Clearing, Custody and Securities Settlement Consultative Commission is tasked with informing the AMF in its regulatory and supervisory duties on issues pertaining to post-trade;
  • the Asset Management and Institutional Investors Consultative Commission assists the AMF in improving regulations on various issues related to asset management and all industry participants.

The members of the commissions are appointed intuitu personae by decision of the Board for their knowledge, experience and ability to contribute in the fields and activities of each of the commissions. They may be professionals or academics, members reflecting different categories of retail investors in financial instruments, or members of financial product consumer associations. Each member undertakes to be diligent and committed and to adhere to the principle of confidentiality. The work of the Consultative Commissions is generally conducted in French. No individual case is discussed in these commissions.    

For this renewal, the AMF is looking in particular for certain profiles.

  • for its Retail Investors Commission, expertise in sustainable finance, innovation and digitalisation, with a strong focus on retail investors. Given the significant influx of young investors over the past three years, applicants representative of young investors would also be appreciated;
  • for its Disclosures and Corporate Finance Commission, it is looking for expertise in corporate reporting (financial, accounting and sustainability disclosures), environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, corporate governance, financial transactions (prospectuses, public offerings, etc.), auditing of corporate information. Applicants may work in listed companies, law firms, auditing firms, management or investment companies, market infrastructures, or in academia;
  • for its Markets and Exchanges Commission, expertise on the operation of the secondary market for financial instruments (intermediation activities, trading platforms and over-the-counter trading), investor protection, issues related to market data and market indices, and expertise on innovative issues that may have an impact in these areas;
  • for the Clearing, Custody and Settlement Commission, expertise in post-trade processes and operations, including bilateral risk mitigation and collateralisation techniques as well as innovations in these areas and/or technical and legal challenges related to these innovations;
  • for the Asset Management and Institutional Investors Commission, experts in asset management and the entire value chain of the sector, as well as more specifically on topics such as liquidity risk, cross-border distribution, non-financial reporting and ESG issues, digital assets and the various investment strategies.

Applicants have until Monday 14 November 2022 to submit their application in electronic format to addresses listed below for each commission. The application should include a cover letter and a CV not exceeding three pages.

  • CCepargnants [at]
  • CCemetteurs [at]
  • CCmarche [at]
  • CCpost-marche [at]
  • CCGestion [at]

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