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The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) updates the list of unauthorised websites offering binary options trading
07 September 2015

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) updates the list of unauthorised websites offering binary options trading

The AMF is publishing a new updated list of websites offering binary options trading, for which no authorised investment services provider could be clearly identified.

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) is once again warning retail investors against aggressive internet advertising campaigns for binary option trading , announcing very high yields in very short periods of time.

Binary options trading
These are financial instruments in the form of options that may generate gains or losses according to whether a condition is fulfilled or not on expiry of the option. Investors in these bonds must state whether the price of an underlying asset (for example a share, commodity or index, etc.) is going to rise or fall before its expiration: if they think that the price of the asset is going to rise, they buy a call option; if they think the price of the asset is going to fall, they buy a put option.

Here is the new list which cancels and supersedes that published on 13 May 2015.

NB: these websites may change very quickly and this list is not intended to be exhaustive.*

(*) This website has also been the subject of a decision by the Advertising Ethics Panel of the Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (the French advertising self-regulatory organisation).

To ensure that the intermediary offering banking or financial products or services is authorised to operate in France, you can view the register of financial agents ( or the list of authorised intermediaries in the financial investment advisor (FIA) or participating investment advisor (PIA) categories ( Before committing yourself, you should always check that the financial intermediary offering or recommending investments features on the list of financial institutions authorised to do business in France ( If the intermediary in question is not on these lists, we strongly recommend that you should not make use of their services, as they are in breach of the applicable legislation and are not required to comply with basic rules of investor protection, information disclosure and claims handling.

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