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The AMF reinforces the visibility of its blacklists through Open Data

Open Data is a key component of the ICData programme involving data governance and a more intensive use of data for supervision. It is a way for the Autorité des Marchés Financiers to share its data assets with banks, asset management companies, online brokers, social networking platforms, consumer associations, public authorities, other regulators and financial researchers. The blacklists of the AMF are now available on the French government's public data platform:

In May 2022, as part of its ICData strategy, the AMF began sharing its data assets by opening up data on short selling to the public. The AMF is now extending the scope of data that can be freely downloaded from, with the publication of companies that have been on its blacklists since 2010.

These blacklists, which can already be accessed on the AMF website under the heading "Retail Investors", include the URLs, email addresses and names of companies identified by the AMF as offering unauthorized financial investments to French residents. These may include investments in forex, crypto-assets or their derivatives, miscellaneous goods or crowdfunding. It can also be websites usurping duly regulated players.

By sharing them on, the AMF aims to encourage wider dissemination of its lists by and among stakeholders to better protect investors. It also wants to make it easier for stakeholders to use the lists in their own warning and prevention systems. Updated daily and fully downloadable for automated processing, the shared file makes it possible to identify the parties concerned or the contact points they put forward, the product category and the date they were added to the lists.

The AMF will gradually expand the scope of data that can be downloaded freely. Interactive dashboards based on data made available by the regulator are being developed for public access. White lists of AMF approved providers will also be published.