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Certification in sustainable finance: the AMF names the first certified training organisations
14 October 2021

Certification in sustainable finance: the AMF names the first certified training organisations

Acting on a proposal by the Financial Skills Certification Board (HCCP), the AMF has decided to certify four training organisations to organise the new module for verifying the knowledge of professionals in sustainable finance.

One of the main focuses of the AMF's #Supervision2022 strategic plan is providing support to market participants towards more sustainable finance. Last February, the regulator announced that the section of the general examination for AMF certification devoted to sustainable finance would be extended and that a specific, optional module on sustainable finance would be created. At its meeting on 28 Septembre 2021, the AMF Board examined the applications of the firts training organisations seeking to organise the optional Sustainable Finance module of the AMF professional certification. Pursuant to Articles 321-5, 318-9, 321-39 and 325-36 of the AMF General Regulation, the AMF Board decided to grant certification to four training organisations.

Below is the list of organisations certified by the AMF:

Name of certified organisationsDate of certificationCertification No.
AFG Formation
41, rue de la Bienfaisance
75008 Paris
28 September 2021FD-1
BÄRCHEN Education
56 bis, rue de Châteaudun
75009 Paris
28 September 2021FD-2
7, rue Beaujon
75008 Paris
28 September 2021FD-3
Technoparc 10 - 1202 Occitane
31670 Labège
28 September 2021FD-3

This module is particularly aimed at sales professionals who, from next year, will be required to obtain the environmental, social and governance (ESG) preferences of clients. It is also aimed at anyone wishing to demonstrate knowledge of the institutional and economic framework of sustainable finance, to understand the essential concepts and to acquire an understanding of the products and methodologies used to propose products adapted to client's needs. They may be people working in areas such as financial analysis, marketing, investor relations and communication.

The first examinations should take place in early 2022.

Other organisations may submit their applications to the AMF in accordance with the procedures set out in Instruction DOC 2021-03, which specifies the characteritics of the examination, the contents of the certification application and the obligations of certified organisations.