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27 October 2022

Photos & CVs

Photos & CV

Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani

Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani

A graduate of the Paris Institut d’Études Politiques and the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, as well as an alumnus of the Master in Politics at New York University, Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani has served as a senior civil servant for close to 20 years. She began her career in 1993 at the French Treasury as Deputy to the Secretary General of the Club de Paris and later Deputy to the Head of the Energy, Mines and Telecoms Office of the State Investments Department.

In 1997, she joined  the French Permanent Representation Office to the European Union in Brussels as Financial Attaché in charge of competition, state aid and financial services. Three years later, she joined the cabinet of the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry as a technical advisor in charge of European Affairs.

From 2000 to 2007, she worked at  the Treasury, first as Head of the Office of Credit Institutions and Investment Firms and Secretary General of the National Euro Committee, in the State and Economic Financing Department. She was later appointed Deputy Director of Banks and General Interest Financing.

In 2007, Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani became Deputy CEO of the National Federation of the Crédit Agricole. In 2010, she joined the Office of the Prime Minister as Deputy Director. From 2012 to 2014, she was an Inspector General of Finance and from 2014 to 2019, became Chief Executive Officer of the French Banking Federation and the Association of French Banks.

In 2019, she was appointed General Secretary of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, where she also served as a Senior Defence and Security Official.

Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani is Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur and an Officier of the Ordre National du Mérite.

She is the AMF Chair since October 2022.

Benoit Juvigny

Benoît de Juvigny

Benoît de Juvigny entered the General Inspectorate of Finance in 1984. After serving in several positions at the finance ministry, he joined the Crédit Lyonnais group, where he held different posts in the fields of corporate banking and then mergers & acquisitions in Paris and Brussels.
He subsequently joined Banque Hervet and then the HSBC-CCF group, where he was responsible for strategy before being appointed a director and board member of Banque Dewaay in Brussels, a private banking and asset management subsidiary of the HSBC group. In October 2004, he joined the AMF as Head of the Investment Service Providers and Products Department. In August 2006, he was appointed managing director in charge of the Corporate Finance Directorate of the AMF. He became Secretary General in November 2012.
Benoît de Juvigny is an alumnus of Hautes Études Commerciales and Sciences Po Paris. He graduated from École Nationale d'Administration in 1984.

Jérôme Reboul

Jérôme Reboul

Jérôme Reboul began his career in June 2007 at the French Ministry for Public Works as a project manager in the Department of Urban Planning and Housing, and then in July 2008 as a chargé d’affaires at the Agence des Participations de l'État (French Government Shareholding Agency).

In August 2010, he joined the Treasury Directorate, first as Deputy Head of the Department of Banking Affairs, in charge of national and international banking regulation, before becoming Head of the Savings and Financial Markets Office in May 2013, and later, head of the Housing and Public Interest Financing Office.

In June 2016, he was appointed Deputy Director of the Shareholding, Services and Finance Directorate at the Agence des Participations de l'État. Since August 2017, he has held the position of Deputy Director in charge of banks in the Treasury Directorate.

Jérôme Reboul is an engineer, member of the Corps des Ponts, des Ëaux et des Forêts, a graduate of École Normale Supérieure, Rue d’Ulm. He also has a PhD in economics from the University of Toulouse and a Master's in Public Affairs from École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.

He joined the AMF on July 2021.

Astrid Milsan

Astrid Milsan

Astrid Milsan, who holds degrees from ENA and Sciences Po in Paris, as well as a master’s in public law from Paris II University, is head council for the judges of the administrative courts and courts of appeal. She began her career in 1996 as a rapporteur at the administrative court of Versailles, and then held several positions from 1998 to 2003 in London, where she was head of project financing at Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG and then head of M&A at HSBC.

In 2003 she joined the French Government Shareholding Agency (APE) at the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs as government head of legal and financial engineering for market transactions. She joined the Treasury in 2006 for three years, during which she was head of office and secretary general of the interministerial committee for industrial restructuring (CIRI) and then deputy director of corporate and financial marketplace financing. She was also the government deputy auditor for the AMF Board during the same period. In 2009 she came back to APE, holding positions as deputy director for the energy sector and then the defence and service sector, after which she was appointed deputy head of the agency in 2013. She became the secretary general for human resources at the Directorate-General of the Treasury in 2015. She joined the AMF on 3 December 2018. Astrid Milsan was appointed Managing Director of the Corporate Finance Directorate and the Corporate Accounting and Auditing Directorate, effective 1 January 2019.

Philippe Sourlas

Philippe Sourlas

Philippe Sourlas is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique. He also holds a Master’s degree in economic analysis and policy from the Paris School of Economics and a Bachelor of Law from Paris I La Sorbonne.

He began his career at the Inspection Générale des Finances in 2006, before joining the Autorité de Contrôle des Assurances et des Mutuelles (ACAM), which has since become the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR), in 2008. He served in a number of roles there, working as an international expert and supervisor, deputy head of a supervision unit, and then head of an insurance supervision unit from 2011 to 2013. He then took over one of ACPR’s banking supervision divisions in 2014. He joined the AMF in July 2016 as Deputy Director of the Asset Management directorate. Philippe Sourlas was appointed Managing Director in charge of the Asset Management Directorate in January 2019.


Sophie Baranger

Sophie Baranger joined the Commission des Opérations de Bourse in November 2000 as deputy head of the accounting affairs department after nine years at Pricewaterhouse-Coopers, where she worked on audit and accounting policy. In November 2006, she was appointed head of corporate accounting and auditing at the AMF, then on 1 January 2011 she was assigned to head the Investigations and Market Supervision Directorate.
In April 2011, following the AMF’s reorganisation, she became head of the Investigation and Inspection Directorate.
Sophie Baranger is graduate of École Supérieure de Commerce et d’Administration des Entreprises in Amiens, with a certificate in advanced general management and a chartered accounting degree.


Philippe Guillot

Philippe Guillot began his career in finance in 1987 at DKL James Capel (now HSBC), where he held various positions in the markets. In 1991 he joined Enskilda Securities as a market maker, first in Paris then in London. In 1998 he moved to Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux in Paris, taking over as head of Facilitation, before being appointed Group Trading Director in 2006, first in Paris then in London. During this time Philippe played an active part in numerous working groups and market bodies dealing with MiFID issues in Paris. He was a member of the Securities Trading Committee of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME). He joined the AMF in march 2012. Mr Guillot holds a degree in private law from Paris XI University.

Maxence Delorme

Maxence Delorme

Member of the judiciary with a postgraduate degree in European criminal law and criminal policy from University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. He started his career in 2004 as an investigating judge after graduating from the Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature (French National School for the Judiciary - ENM). In 2007, he joined the Office of Economic and Financial Law, within the Directorate of Criminal Affairs and Pardons at the Ministry of Justice, where he was responsible for investment and securities fraud and financial criminal law.

From 2009, Maxence was head of the Office for Criminal Law and Legal Protection within the Legal Affairs Directorate at the Ministry of the Economy. He then held the position of legal counsel to the office of the Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry from 2010 to 2012. He was Deputy Director of Legal Affairs for the Environment and Planning Regulations at the Legal Affairs Directorate of the Ministries of Ecology and Housing until 2015.

From 2016 to 2018, he was Deputy Public Prosecutor and Head of the Economic and Financial Division at the Nanterre District Court.

He joined the AMF in September 2018 as Director of the Enforcement Assistance and advisor to the Chairman of the Enforcement Committee. He was appointed to the Executive Committee in November 2020.

François Guillemot

François Guillemot

Graduate of the École Centrale de Paris, François Guillemot began his career in 1989 at SUN/ORACLE as a systems and network manager. Between 1995 and 2001, he served as a technical manager, director of partnerships, business unit or business line manager for companies in industrial or IT services and for an internet service provider. In 2001, he joined ATOS as director for the industry and retail sectors, then for energy, and finally as regional director for Rhône-Alpes. In 2007, he took up a position as managing director of the Groupement Informatique de la Protection Sociale (GIPS), the economic interest grouping of APICIL/IRCEM. In 2009, he carried on his career in the national IT entity of GROUPAMA as manager for property and casualty insurance systems, director of insurance systems, then director of studies and developments. In 2016, he joined Mutex (VYV Group), becoming deputy CEO there in 2017 with responsibility for transformation, human resources, IT services and operations. He managed a number of projects on workplace transformation, as well as defining data and digital strategies.


Claire Castanet

Claire Castanet graduated from ESCP Europe and holds a Master’s degree in management science from the University of Paris-Saclay. claire_castanetAfter gaining experience in a variety of fields, including direct marketing, IT services and consulting, she joined Vendôme Associés, a recruitment firm specialising in the banking and financial sector. She carried out recruiting assignments for both retail banks and corporate and investment banks. In 1991, she became a partner and developed the firm’s Securities, Risk, Compliance and IT Systems business. In July 2002, she joined the Commission des Opérations de Bourse (COB), which a year later became the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). She started off in Human Resources development and in July 2008 was appointed Director of HR.

Charlotte Garnier-Peugeot

Charlotte Garnier-Peugeot

Charlotte Garnier-Peugeot, a graduate of CELSA, began her career in 1992 at the Sun Expansion internal communication agency. In 1994 she created the Fortiter corporate communication agency, working with numerous clients primarily in manufacturing and finance. After an assignment at the BBDO Corporate agency, from 1999 to 2002 she was Deputy Director of Communication at Crédit commercial de France (CCF), now HSBC France. She was named Head of Marketing and Communications at La Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild France in 2002, then Group Head of Corporate Communications from 2007 to 2011, and Group Head of Communications and Marketing and a member of the Executive Committee from 2012 to 2017.

In parallel to her professional career, from 1997 to 2000 she taught corporate communication at CELSA. From 2011 to 2017, she was also an independent member of the supervisory board of the manufacturing company SAFT, acquired by the Total group in 2016.