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25 February 2020

Submitting information outside of a financial transaction

Listed companies must submit to the AMF a certain amount of periodic and ongoing information. How to submit this information? Find here the procedures for submission to the AMF for each type of information.

I indicate my contact details

For its monitoring of the periodic and ongoing information of listed companies, the AMF may have to contact you. We invite you to update your contact details by sending by email the following document to fichecontacts [at] (fichecontacts[at]amf-france[dot]org).


I submit my periodic and ongoing information

The information that listed companies submit to the AMF varies depending on their listing venue.

Periodic information such as the annual financial report, half-yearly financial report, earnings report, corporate governance report, etc. and ongoing information shall be submitted by the issuer or its professional information provider via the dedicated ONDE extranet.

For any request for creation of an account, or for questions or problems, please contact the administrator by email at Onde_Administrateur_Deposant [at] (Onde_Administrateur_Deposant[at]amf-france[dot]org).

Zoom on the choice of competent authority for monitoring the periodic information of companies listed on a regulated market

Some listed companies may choose their competent authority for monitoring their regulated ongoing information by filling in the specific form. It should be sent by email to choixautorite [at] (choixautorite[at]amf-france[dot]org).

To find out whether you are concerned, refer to the summary table (in french only) of applicable arrangements.

I declare my market capitalisation

Above a market capitalisation threshold of one billion euros assessed as at 1 January of the year of taxation, a contribution is owed to the AMF by:

  • French issuers whose equity securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market of the European Economic Area;
  • Foreign issuers whose equity securities are admitted to trading on a French regulated market when this is the market on which the securities trading volume is highest.

A contribution due on th ebasis of the market capitalisation

The amount of this contribution, ranging between €20,000 and €460,000, is determined on the basis of the issuer's average market capitalisation calculated on the last trading day of the previous three years or, when the issuer's equity securities have been admitted to trading on a regulated market for less than three years, its market capitalisation calculated on the last trading day of the previous year. This contribution is due on 1 January of each year.

Here are the details of the scale for 2019

Average capitalisation in billions of euros

Fixed contribution due in euros

More than 1 and less than 2


Less than 5


Less than 10


Less than 20


More than  20


More than 50


Procedures for reporting to the AMF

Before 31 March of each year, you must report to the AMF the average market capitalisation of the past three years as at 31 December of each year.

You should fill in a specific form.

You should then send this form to the AMF via email to capitalisationboursiere [at] (capitalisationboursiere[at]amf-france[dot]org) together with the amount of the contribution made by funds transfer to the AMF.

Refer to the Guide relating to duties and contributions due to the AMF (in French only).

I delay the publication of inside information

When a listed company has delayed the publication of inside information, pursuant to Article 17 paragraph 4 of Regulation (EU) 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on market abuse, it shall inform the AMF "immediately after publication of the information" that it has just published this inside information, using the following email address: differepublication [at] (differepublication[at]amf-france[dot]org).

If this company is a credit institution or the financial institution which delays the publication of inside information due to a risk for the stability of the financial system, in accordance with the aforementioned regulation, it shall establish contact with its key contact person in the AMF's Corporate Finance Directorate, who will indicate to it the practical procedure for secure data interchange.

I send the AMF a list of insiders

Companies, or anyone acting in their name or on their behalf, shall send the AMF a list of insiders, as soon as possible and electronically, at the AMF's request. This list shall be sent to the address listeinities [at] (listeinities[at]amf-france[dot]org). More secure communication procedures can be used on request.

I submit a universal registration document (URD)

The universal registration document is submitted to the AMF via the ONDE extranet.
The documents accompanying this submission are specified by Instruction DOC-2019-21.

If the universal registration document contains regulated information (e.g. an Annual Financial Report), the issuers must also submit it via ONDE.