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Management companies

Are you a European investment management company wishing to manage French UCITS or AIFs or open a branch in France? Are you a French or foreign investment management company wishing to market UCITS or AIFs in France? The AMF's teams will help you and you will find the information you need in this section.

In the light of the outbreak of Coronavirus and its consequences on the economy and financial market in France, the Autorité des marchés financiers has decided to ban the creation or increase of short net positions with immediate effect.

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26 March 2020
Ban of net short positions : Frequently asked questions Interdiction des positions courtes nettes sur actions : l’AMF apporte des réponses pratiques aux investisseurs
13 March 2020
Sustainable finance and collective management: the AMF publishes a first policy on investor information Finance durable et gestion collective : l'AMF publie une première doctrine en matière d’information des investisseurs
11 March 2020
The AMF publishes an in-depth legal analysis of the application of financial regulations to security tokens L'AMF publie une analyse juridique approfondie de l'application de la réglementation financière aux security tokens

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