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25 February 2020

Develop your investment management company

Would you like to extend the authorisation for your investment management company or modify your initial authorisation application? Would you like to obtain a European passport or find out how to pay your annual contribution to the AMF? You will find all the information you need here.

You would like to extend your authorisation

Would you like to be able to use new instruments in your management activities? You will have to apply to the AMF for an authorisation extension.

This application must be made to the AMF using the supplementary forms provided in the authorisation application or using the standard authorisation application as a basis (Annexes 1, 1-1 bis and 1-2 to 1-9 of Instruction DOC-2008-03).

You would like to modify your initial authorisation application

Modifications to material items in the authorisation application require prior authorisation by the AMF. These include, for example, a change to the programme of operations, a change of shareholders or reorganisation of the company in terms of its resources or control. One-off and non-significant modifications, such as a change of name, of professional association, etc., must simply be disclosed to the AMF.

A summary table listing the modifications relating to investment management companies is available in Article 8 of Instruction DOC-2008-03

Click here to download the forms for modifying your authorisation application.

You would like to conduct business in Europe

Your company requires an outgoing passport to conduct business in another Member State of the European Union or in another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. In the Host State, you may only conduct those activities covered by the authorisation issued in France. All the information you need is provided in Instruction DOC-2008-03.

The European passport forms must be filled out in three copies (two copies drafted in English, except for Belgium and Luxembourg as French-speaking States) before being submitted to the AMF.

Click here to download the management company passport forms.

Passport form templates in English are available here.

The AMF serves notification of passport applications to the competent authorities in the relevant Host States and informs you of this notification. The AMF has a deadline for notification of:

  • one month for an application under the freedom to provide services, in accordance with the UCITS Directive or AIFM Directive;
  • two months for an application under the freedom of establishment, in accordance with the UCITS Directive or AIFM Directive.

Paying your annual contribution to the AMF

Are you:

  • an investment management company authorised in France?
  • a French fund manager specialising in European venture capital funds or European social entrepreneurship funds?
  • a registered fund manager of “Other AIFs”?

You are required to pay an annual contribution to the AMF, which varies depending on your status. In principle, this is calculated on the basis of the assets under management, except for registered legal entities managing “Other AIFs”, which are required to pay a fixed amount of €1,500.

Download the form for reporting assets under management.

Information on the level of contributions and how to pay them can be found in the Guide to Contributions Due to the AMF (in French only)

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