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22 January 2020

Submit annual reports to the AMF

Once a year, investment management companies report certain information to the AMF. This includes the Annual Control Report (RAC) and the Annual Disclosure Sheet (FRA). Here we take a closer look at the timescale and procedures for sending this information to the AMF.

What are the RAC and FRA?

Each year, you must provide the AMF with:

  • Information relating to the control system used by your investment management company. This is known as the Annual Control Report (abbreviated to RAC in French).
  • Statistical information on headcount, accounting data, capital, and assets under management. This information is provided on the Annual Disclosure Sheet (abbreviated to FRA in French).

Note: This is not the only reporting that you will have to perform to comply with regulations. Depending on your activities and the type of instruments you manage for your clients, you will also be required to provide other information with varying frequency (e.g. EMIR reporting to an authorised player if you use derivatives, AIFM reporting to the AMF if you manage AIFs, full disclosure to the AMF of the net asset values of CIUs governed by French law, etc.).

Reporting timescale

The information requested by the AMF must be provided each year, no later than four and a half months after the end of the financial year.

You are bound by the answers to the questions asked. It is therefore necessary to involve senior managers and the RCCI in preparing and validating the answers.

Procedures for sending the information to the AMF

You must enter the relevant information using a form available on the GECO extranet.

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