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03 February 2020

I am a manager (or similar person) reporting my securities transactions

Persons having management responsibilities must report to the AMF the transactions that they perform on the financial securities of the company in which they perform their functions. Persons closely related to them must also make such reports. Zoom on what you must know and procedures for reporting to the AMF.

The regulations, in short

Managers and persons closely related to them must report to the issuer and the AMF, within three trading days, certain transactions which are listed in the guide on ongoing information and management of inside information whenever their total amount during the civil year exceeds €20,000.

Procedures for reporting to the AMF

These transactions must be reported via the ONDE extranet.

For your first report, you must create an account by clicking on "Create account" from the extranet home page. Once logged in to your account, you will receive all the help needed to fill in your report.

In case of problems:

  • For the creation of an account or for any other technical problem, you can contact us at Onde_Administrateur_Deposant [at] (Onde_Administrateur_Deposant[at]amf-france[dot]org).
  • For any question relating to the content of a report, you can contact us at Onde_Suivi_DeclarationDirigeant [at] (Onde_Suivi_DeclarationDirigeant[at]amf-france[dot]org).

NB: A manager may be subject to other reporting formalities as shareholder. Find more information in the section on Professional investors.

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