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GECO database: the system listing investment management companies and products

Published on May 27, 2013

The AMF places a database at the disposal of the public, providing data on investment management companies, products and financial investment advisors. This is the GECO database. In the database, the AMF publishes notably monthly statistics, the list of investment companies currently in activity and that of financial investment advisors (FIAs), along with the list of products authorised for marketing in France, etc.

Investment products

The GECO database provides the main characteristics of each product: the investment company behind the product, classification, authorisation date, etc.
Documents relating to the fund are also available, along with the net asset value (with a 6-month sliding history). A graph is available displaying the trend in the fund’s net asset value (NAV).

Searches are possible using several characteristics of funds intended for all investors. Information about dedicated funds is not published in GECO.

Investment management companies

Programmes of activities
The detail of the programme of activities currently in force is available for the selected company. It is possible to see the activities for which the company has received AMF authorisation and the instruments it is authorised to deal in. 

The main information is available about each authorised investment management company: authorisation date and number, funds managed, etc. The history of the company name is also available and is taken into account in the search engine (a search for a former name refers to the new name).

Information lists

Several executive reports are available in GECO.

  • Monthly statistics

This is a statement with aggregate amounts outstanding per classification and per product type.
It is edited monthly and a history is available.

  • List of management companies in activity

This is a statement listing authorised French investment management companies with a currently-valid authorisation (excluding withdrawal procedures).

  • List of products authorised for marketing in France

This is the list of European and foreign funds authorised by the authority of their home country and which are authorised for marketing on French territory.

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