In-depth Markets: Market abuse

Liquidity contracts - notice setting out the reasons for the AMF's decision

Published on July 2, 2018

The AMF has decided to establish an accepted market practice for liquidity contracts on shares. This practice is subject to a notice setting out the reasons according to the Market Abuse Regulation.

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Market Abuse regulation: ESMA clarifies the provisions relating to trading venue operators’ obligation to notify financial instruments

Published on May 31, 2016

Taking into account the implementing technical standards that have been published as of today and the technical developments that are required for the setting up of a European list of financial instruments, ESMA has specified the conditions under which trading venue operators shall implement their financial instrument notification obligations under the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). The AMF is relaying this information.

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Europe strengthens its market abuse regulations

Published on March 31, 2016

Starting 3 July 2016, Europe will have a reformed framework for combatting market abuse. The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) published 12 June 2014 and related technical standards were and will apply early this summer, replacing the Market Abuse Directive of 28 January 2003. The main changes have to do with the scope of application, market transactions, tools for prevention and detection, and administrative sanctions.

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Revision of the Market Abuse Directive

Published on May 31, 2012

In October 2011, the European Commission published its proposed revisions for the Market Abuse Directive. Adoption of the proposed “packet” would lead to replacing the current directive with European regulations (for which misconduct would result in administrative sanctions by Regulators such as the AMF) and the introduction of a new directive requiring Member States to implement criminal sanctions for very serious (intentional) market abuse.

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