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Grégoire Vuarlot is appointed coordinator of the ACPR and AMF Joint Unit starting 1st July 2022

Grégoire Vuarlot is appointed coordinator of the ACPR and AMF Joint Unit starting 1st July 2022

Grégoire Vuarlot, Director of Business Practices Supervision at the ACPR, takes over from Claire Castanet, Head of Retail Investor Relations and Protection at the AMF, as coordinator of the Joint Unit for Insurance, Banking and Retail Investment from 1st July 2022 until 30 June 2024.

Dominique Laboureix, Secretary General of the ACPR, and Benoît de Juvigny, Secretary General of the AMF, praised the quality of the coordination provided over the last two years by Claire Castanet who will continue to represent the AMF within the Joint Unit. During the health crisis, the authorities were fully mobilised to prevent financial scams in the face of the increasing number of fraudulent offers, and continue their work on digital marketing, vulnerable elderly people, and sustainable finance.

“Our activities continue in a context of uncertainty linked to the return of inflationary pressures, aggravated by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the end of the low interest rate environment. We will be particularly watchful of their consequences for investors, while continuing our work on priority issues such as raising awareness of scams and combating greenwashing in marketing communications for so-called green or sustainable financial products,” explained Grégoire Vuarlot.

Since its creation in 2010, coordination of the Joint Unit of the two authorities for monitoring and control of commercial practices in the banking, insurance and retail investment sectors, has been provided alternately by the ACPR and the AMF for two-year periods.

Grégoire Vuarlot, 49, has been Director of Business Practices Control at the ACPR since 2021. After a spell at the Inspectorate General, he worked in particular at the Bank of England, was head of a banking supervision department and then Deputy Director of Specialised and Cross-functional Insurance Control at the ACPR. From 2016 to 2021 he was head of mission and on-site inspection for banking and insurance at the ACPR and the ECB. He also organised credit insurance mediation activities following the first lockdown.

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